How the Wedding Optimizer Works for Your Property

The Wedding Optimizer is extremely customizable and can be designed to meet your Brand standards.  


With the Wedding Optimizer, couples instantly create an online account where they have 24/7 access to add items to a shopping cart, make payments, provide required documents and much more, freeing your wedding team to handle the actual planning aspects.


Couples select a date to check availability for a wedding time. Display “true times” (11 AM, 3 PM, 5 PM, etc.) or use morning, afternoon and evening. The choice is yours to make.


They can also submit a RFP that can be converted to a true account.


The Wedding Optimizer can display your wedding packages and extras, granting couples the option to purchase or use for inspiration.


Increase wedding revenues by allowing couples to share their wedding wishes with family and friends so they can help pay for items any time prior to arrival.

Automated, personalized emails eliminate human error and reduce time spent sending the same responses over and over.


Directly upload legal documents and automatically notify wedding couples when they are received.